Embryo/AI Services

At Reproduction Enterprises we provide embryo services for a wide range of species, including cattle, goats, sheep, and horses.

Embryo Recovery and Transfer Services

We offer embryo services for cattle and small ruminants. These services can be performed at our facility or on-farm. The donors that stay at our facility are tested yearly for major reproductive diseases and are vaccinated on arrival. Pasture is available for donors who are between stimulation schedules. The embryos produced here are frozen or may be transferred fresh depending on the availability of recipients. REI often has recipients available for purchase but we reserve them on a first come basis.

In–Clinic Artificial Insemination Services

We can customize our AI services to match your experience and need. We are available to do as little as AI her, based on your heat detection and phone call, or we offer complete packages that include everything and you simply drop her off and pick her back up.

While they are housed at our facility, we do our best to group animals of similar size and disposition. Precautions are taken to promote safe and comfortable conditions conducive to normal reproductive performance. In the event that your animal becomes sick or injured, our veterinarian will examine her and contact you with a report and recommendations.

On-Farm Artificial Insemination Services

We offer many of the industry accepted timed AI protocols in order to meet your needs. Depending on your location and the number of head, we may arrange to AI from observed heats. Please contact our office for more information and scheduling.

Ultrasound Services

We offer ultrasound services including pregnancy determining and aging to 100 days. Fetal sexing in cattle is available and best performed between 60 and 90 days after breeding. Beyond 100 days, palpation is available for pregnancy determination and an estimation of fetal age.


Our recipient herd consists of primarily Angus cross cattle on pasture. The cows are selected to be able to carry and deliver the calf and to minimize udder problems. They have been tested for Bangs, BVD, and Johnes. Parasite control and vaccinations are maintained regularly. Bovine recipients come with a 150-day pregnancy guarantee with an option to purchase another 75 days.

In Vitro Fertilization/Oocyte Aspiration

We now offer in-house IVF Services. We will house and complete the needed synchronization/stimulation procedures for your donors and then arrange for their oocyte retrieval appointment.

Facts and Questions about IVF

We are happy to be offering IVF services to our clients. We are currently aspirating in house and sending oocytes out to be fertilized and cultured. We also offer reverse sorting for our IVF clients.

Do you have to stimulate for IVF?
No, you do not, although it is recommended for all donors, not just for problem cows.
• How young can donors be to aspirate?
Donors must be at least 10 months of age to be a candidate for aspiration.
• Can IVF embryos be frozen?
Yes, and frozen embryos have an average pregnancy rate of 35-45%.
• How often can oocytes be collected?
They can be collected every two weeks.
• How will IVF embryos be frozen?
They will be frozen in 1.5m of Ethylene Glycol.
• What are the pregnancy rates when IVF embryos are transferred fresh?
Fresh transfer IVF embryos have a 45-50% pregnancy rate.
• What donor females are candidates for the IVF program?
Any female can qualify for IVF, in fact IVF can work on females that did not work with conventional flushing, or that only produced UFO’s and degenerate embryos.
• What is reverse sorting semen?
This is the process of sorting the semen for heifer or bull pregnancies after it has been frozen already.
• What results can be expected from reverse- sorted semen?
Reverse sort has a 95% accuracy rate.
• What results can be expected on each IVF cycle?
The industry average is 18 oocytes with 30% development rate. This will be approximately 5 embryos per cycle.
• What results can be expected with different semen types?
You can have a slight decrease in development and rates with sexed semen.
• Can embryos be created from pregnant donors?
Yes, if we can reach the ovary, which means they usually need to be no farther than 120 days in cows and 100 days in heifers.

REI offers BioPRYN blood pregnancy testing developed by BioTracking. BioPRYN is able to determine if a female is open or pregnant by detecting the presence of a protein that is specific to the placenta of an actively growing fetus. Cattle can be tested at 28 days and small ruminants can be tested at 30 days. Need blood collection supplies? Drop by our office or give us a call today. 405-377-8037. For more information you can click here.

Sheep and Goat Laparoscopic Services

We are able to offer Embryo recovery and transfer services for your small ruminant. We collaborate with industries top providers and are building a world class program. Our facilities are able to meet export requirements for embryos or semen to many countries. Please contact us for information on scheduling.

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